Docker Swarm on Google Cloud Platform

May 7, 2018

It’s 2018 and I want to set up a Docker Swarm cluster on Google Cloud Platform for our Production App but I can not find a definitive guide for it. Docker CE released beta support in 2017 and there is an unofficial repository by Sandeep Dinesh with easy to use scripts. Most of what I am including here is from the Docker Machine GCE Driver Docs and from our former Snr. Software Engineer Zak Elep who helped us create our container story at Galleon.PH. It almost feels as if Docker Swarm is a fading tech and everyone is scrambling towards Kubernetes. Never the less, down the rabbit hole we go. ... Read more

Setting up MySQL / MariaDB replication on Google Cloud Platform

April 21, 2018

We were almost out of disk space for our 2 databases at Linode and upgrading to a higher instance was significant and cost prohibitive. Since we had been looking at Google Cloud Platform for some time, we decide to make the move there as we would be able to have double the amount of disk space for a little less than what we’re previously paying at Linode. This is a step by step guide, written with our Operations Engineer Vladimir Blando, shows how we did that and took advantage of the instance sizes and disk space available at Google Cloud Platform. ... Read more

Plumbing the Jenkins Pipeline - Automating the Creation of Release Pull Requests in Galleon.PH

April 9, 2018

Due to the number of steps needed to prepare a release, our current release process in Galleon takes a while and is prone to human errors. Streamlining the release process by automating some of the steps would drastically improve the release workflow. A Jenkins build server is set up on to host the pipelines streamlining the Galleon.PH release process. Jenkins Pipeline (or simply “Pipeline” with a capital “P”) is a suite of plugins which supports implementing and integrating continuous delivery pipelines into Jenkins. ... Read more

Considering the FILM Involved in Code Analysis

March 31, 2018

Good day, I’ll introduce my myself as Kurt Ma. Coll, currently a junior software engineer of Galleon.PH. The FILM I shall be talking about is neither a piece of art that involves moving pictures nor a kind of a sheet or cover. It is an acronym that stands for Files, Intention, Logic and Language, and Machine. Whenever the team spots a bug, proposes some addition of a feature, or modification of a feature, I get to the topic and that will be my scope. Today, I shall give you an insight on how I analyze other people’s source code or even the source code of my past self. ... Read more

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