Welcome to the Galleon.PH Engineering Blog

March 11, 2018 by Andre Marcelo-Tanner

Welcome to the Galleon.PH Engineering Blog!


Galleon.PH started as an e-commerce site where you can buy any product not found in the Philippines and have it shipped to your door. We pride ourselves in our customer service and ability to deliver on solving the problem of buying something from one side of the world and getting it delivered at your doorstep with minimal hassle. We started from a small team 5 years ago and have grown over the years.

My name is Andre Marcelo-Tanner, I’m the CTO of Galleon.PH. I wanted to start this blog as a way to share what we do here at Galleon Engineering and the kind of tech we deal with everyday. Our tech team is fully remote and I wanted a way for the team to have an outlet, to share what they do in their roles and be able to talk about their work. The problems we solve and the solutions we come up with should be something we are able to share with the community so that others can learn and we can get feedback in return.

We encounter many problems at our scale including a huge database and many partners and integrations that we have to maintain. We are learning every step of the way as we keep up with the latest technology and platforms in order to support our company’s overall growth. Expect posts about PHP, MySQL, and the typical LAMP stack as well as our progress in moving towards a Cloud Native (buzzword) stack with Docker and Kubernetes.

Thank you for visiting our little space on the internet and if there’s any feedback you want to give us, please send it my way at [email protected] or ping me on Twitter @kzapkzap.

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